Buzz off, customer!

Recently I looked on in horror as an online business told its list (their most important marketing asset) to shut up and buy their stuff already.

Brick-and-mortar businesses couldn’t tell their customers “don’t talk to me!” and expect to make sales…

But it happens in E-commerce all the time.

Granted, they didn’t literally say “shut up and buy our stuff.”

But the effect’s about the same. That’s because they told their readers the message was sent from an un-monitored account and if you write back nobody will read it.

Look, if you have an online business you’ve GOT to understand how important your email list is. Not just for sales, but also for building rapport and customer loyalty.

They can’t come to a brick-and-mortar shop and get to know you…

So don’t push them away when they let your shop come to them.

To better email,

John Allan

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