3 Reasons Preachers have “Side Hustles.”

There are at least three good reasons preachers have some sort of economic venture (aka Side Hustle) in addition to their preaching:

1. They have to: Some preachers work a “regular” job or have their own business because they need the income to pay the bills. They might or might not *want* to do this, but their economic situation demands it.

2. They want to: Some preachers do more than just preach because they’re “wired” to have their hands in multiple projects at one time. Some people might be perplexed or put off by this, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Throughout history (secular and spiritual) there have been many industrious individuals who effectively engage in more than one thing.

3. A little bit of both: Brethren who have a “side hustle” only because they *have to* would gladly give it up if they could. But others like doing both, and while they need the income they’d continue doing both even if they didn’t.

If you’re a “side hustle preacher,” which category best describes you? Do you have a side hustle because you have to, because you want to, or because of a combination of the two?