When worry slows you down

“Worry” is the topic of the day today.

Not because I’m actually worried about something. Actually, I’ve been thinking about times worry slowed me down, stopped me in my tracks, or prompted me to make poor decisions.

Looking back over it all, there are so many things I let worry destroy or delay.

Some were things I stopped doing, or didn’t start because of one worry or another…

Others were things I eventually did, but could have done so much sooner if not for anxiety.

And so, when I realized earlier today that I’d made some decisions this year that were driven by anxiety more than intelligence, suffice it to say I was NOT happy.

But look, enough about me. Worry is a battle we all fight, and if you’re in business you’ve likely got worry holding you back in at least one area of your business. Maybe more. And your marketing might just be one of those places.

I’d like to offer you a complimentary chat so we can dive into what you’re worrying about, how it might be holding you back, and what can be done to help you move through it.

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