The 180 Headline

Earl Nightingale is credited with saying if you look at what the majority of people are doing and do the opposite you’ll probably never go wrong.

Yes, there are obvious exceptions to this rule (eating, breathing, etc.)…

But it applies more often than you might think.

It’s what caused a recent Labor Day headline I saw to grab my attention.

It’s Labor Day weekend and it feels like every business that has my email address is sending me emails.

And the subjects are all the same:

“Save 20 percent on our Labor Day sale”

“Get 15 percent off during our Labor Day sale”

“Labor Day sale starts now”

You get the idea. The wording is slightly different, but the message is the same. And all these messages just keep coming and they’re piling up in my inbox.

But then I got an email from Dugout Mugs. And their subject line said “Not another Labor day sale.”

I wasn’t clicking on the other links, but this one had my attention. I had to click this one and see what was going on.

Why is it so great? Because I’d been getting all these messages about all these sales, and then this one comes along and says “Not another Labor day sale.” It’s a 180 degree turn from what everybody else was doing, so it stood out automatically.

It’s also good because it can work more than one way. You might think (like I did) “Good. This isn’t the same lame email everybody else has already sent me.”

Or it could mean “Our Labor Day sale is different.”

Either way it grabs attention, stands out from the noise in my inbox, and doesn’t let me know what they mean until I open the email and find out.

Key takeaway: In an inbox where everything looks the same, it’s OK to be different (and say so). A deliberate 180 Email might be just what you need to get noticed.

To better email,