Settling the Debate

I don’t watch presidential debates anymore.

But back when I did, I noticed something:

Nobody ever wins.

One side says their candidate won. The other side says their candidate won. When they poll “independent” or “undecided” voters it tends to be a divided room.

​The debates don’t seem to ever settle anything.

When it comes to marketing, though, there is a way to know a winner from a loser.

Step 1: Put your message in front of your desired audience.
Step 2: See if they respond the way you want them to.

If they do, you’ve got a winner!

If they don’t, you’ve got a loser.

It might be a loser that can be modified and “win” the next time you run it. But until that happens, it’s a loser. No matter how much you liked it, or how cute or clever or funny your friends thought it was.

No need for fancy focus groups.

Shouting over somebody else becomes unnecessary.

No insults required.

When you avoid the first sin of email marketing and actually mail to your list consistently you avoid wasting time in pointless debates. No sitting around debating whether to send an email or not. No wasting days and weeks painstakingly looking over every word to make sure it’s “perfect” (glorified procrastination).

You just send the thing and see what happens.

And if you don’t hit a home run that time, you try again tomorrow.

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To better emails,

John Allan