Earlier today I sat down to watch college football.

At one point I had to remind myself to stop trying to watch while also doing something else. I’d deliberately worked hard through the week so I could have the free time today to just sit and watch my team play.

And yet, here I was trying to multitask.

I challenged myself to set it aside, and stay focused only on the game in front of me.

It was dumbfounding how hard this was.

Every few moments a new thought or question would pop into my mind and beg me to pick up my phone or laptop and look for the answer.

What makes this even more interesting is, I thought I had above-average ability to concentrate. This little exercise proved I have a lot of work to do.

Here’s my bigger point as it relates to your marketing strategy: people are easily distracted. Even ones who think they aren’t. Be aware of this when you communicate. If your message isn’t focused, you can be certain their attention won’t be either.