3 Reasons Preachers have “Side Hustles.”

There are at least three good reasons preachers have some sort of economic venture (aka Side Hustle) in addition to their preaching:

1. They have to: Some preachers work a “regular” job or have their own business because they need the income to pay the bills. They might or might not *want* to do this, but their economic situation demands it.

2. They want to: Some preachers do more than just preach because they’re “wired” to have their hands in multiple projects at one time. Some people might be perplexed or put off by this, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Throughout history (secular and spiritual) there have been many industrious individuals who effectively engage in more than one thing.

3. A little bit of both: Brethren who have a “side hustle” only because they *have to* would gladly give it up if they could. But others like doing both, and while they need the income they’d continue doing both even if they didn’t.

If you’re a “side hustle preacher,” which category best describes you? Do you have a side hustle because you have to, because you want to, or because of a combination of the two?

What Teflon can teach you about criticism.

Somebody somewhere decided April 6 is Teflon Day.

And it got me thinking…

It’s good to have people in your life who care about you and will offer constructive criticism because they want you to succeed. But some people just like to throw eggs at you. And when they do, it’s good to be like Teflon and refuse to let them stick.

The key is to know who has your best interests in mind, and who doesn’t.

Why I make a big deal out of email marketing

With Facebook, and YouTube, and TikTok being all the rage these days, you might wonder why I continue to champion email marketing for anybody trying to use the internet to market their business or message.

Not long ago I wrote a post over at Springridge Business Services that gives three of the big reasons.

Go have a look by clicking here.

Before you go belly up

Thanks to the aftermath of the COVID-19 measures, I suppose this was inevitable…

You can’t shut down the economy as long as most of the country did and think all the businesses could weather the storm and survive.

Sooner or later many owners will face the cold hard reality of needing to close their brick-and-mortar businesses for good.

As I’ve previously noted in my email newsletter, it’s happening in my neck of the woods. An affluent college town with affluent college town customers, and still a popular business is closing for good because traffic and sales fell off a cliff.

Maybe your business is in a similar position. Maybe it’s a matter of days or weeks before you have to close up shop…unless something changes dramatically.

If so, do yourself this one favor:

Before you let your business go belly up…

This enterprise you’ve poured your energy, sweat, tears, and maybe even blood into…

Make sure you’ve done what’s at your disposal to do. That you’ve tried the things you really can try.

Don’t be the football team that still has a chance–slim though it may be–yet refuses to use their timeouts, and lets the opponent bleed the game clock down to all zeroes.

If there’s still a chance you can pull this thing out, use what is at your disposal to use.

Obviously I’m not saying do something illegal or foolish.

But it breaks my heart to see folks losing their livelihoods because they willingly choose not to make the most of the options they had.

Like the business that has an email list, but never bothered to use it effectively…even while their business was gasping for its last breaths. I mean, come on…if your business is suffocating and you still aren’t playing to win with your email marketing…what are you waiting for?!

With a little creativity you can dig deep and think of things that might stir up an interest and a flurry of sales. Maybe even enough to stave off the wolves at the door and keep yourself and your business in the game.

I’ve lost a business before. I know sometimes it’s just too little too late.

But often businesses crumble under the weight of a crisis because they didn’t make better use of things they could have.

If you’re going to go down, go down swinging.

And if that swinging means trying to make email marketing work for you, schedule your free call and let’s talk. Soon. The clock is ticking, and you need to put some points on the board.

To better email,


When worry slows you down

“Worry” is the topic of the day today.

Not because I’m actually worried about something. Actually, I’ve been thinking about times worry slowed me down, stopped me in my tracks, or prompted me to make poor decisions.

Looking back over it all, there are so many things I let worry destroy or delay.

Some were things I stopped doing, or didn’t start because of one worry or another…

Others were things I eventually did, but could have done so much sooner if not for anxiety.

And so, when I realized earlier today that I’d made some decisions this year that were driven by anxiety more than intelligence, suffice it to say I was NOT happy.

But look, enough about me. Worry is a battle we all fight, and if you’re in business you’ve likely got worry holding you back in at least one area of your business. Maybe more. And your marketing might just be one of those places.

I’d like to offer you a complimentary chat so we can dive into what you’re worrying about, how it might be holding you back, and what can be done to help you move through it.

Schedule your time today by clicking here.


Earlier today I sat down to watch college football.

At one point I had to remind myself to stop trying to watch while also doing something else. I’d deliberately worked hard through the week so I could have the free time today to just sit and watch my team play.

And yet, here I was trying to multitask.

I challenged myself to set it aside, and stay focused only on the game in front of me.

It was dumbfounding how hard this was.

Every few moments a new thought or question would pop into my mind and beg me to pick up my phone or laptop and look for the answer.

What makes this even more interesting is, I thought I had above-average ability to concentrate. This little exercise proved I have a lot of work to do.

Here’s my bigger point as it relates to your marketing strategy: people are easily distracted. Even ones who think they aren’t. Be aware of this when you communicate. If your message isn’t focused, you can be certain their attention won’t be either.

Settling the Debate

I don’t watch presidential debates anymore.

But back when I did, I noticed something:

Nobody ever wins.

One side says their candidate won. The other side says their candidate won. When they poll “independent” or “undecided” voters it tends to be a divided room.

​The debates don’t seem to ever settle anything.

When it comes to marketing, though, there is a way to know a winner from a loser.

Step 1: Put your message in front of your desired audience.
Step 2: See if they respond the way you want them to.

If they do, you’ve got a winner!

If they don’t, you’ve got a loser.

It might be a loser that can be modified and “win” the next time you run it. But until that happens, it’s a loser. No matter how much you liked it, or how cute or clever or funny your friends thought it was.

No need for fancy focus groups.

Shouting over somebody else becomes unnecessary.

No insults required.

When you avoid the first sin of email marketing and actually mail to your list consistently you avoid wasting time in pointless debates. No sitting around debating whether to send an email or not. No wasting days and weeks painstakingly looking over every word to make sure it’s “perfect” (glorified procrastination).

You just send the thing and see what happens.

And if you don’t hit a home run that time, you try again tomorrow.

If you’d like some help writing your emails, book a free 30-minute Email Consultation with me while you still can.

To better emails,

John Allan