What baseball taught me about email marketing

Last night my beloved Tampa Bay Rays locked up a playoff spot for the second season in a row.

While I celebrate this step in the right direction, I thought it would be a great day to share some email marketing lessons I’ve learned from baseball.

Let’s get to it…

Show up: The Major League Baseball (MLB) season is long. Players and coaches get tired. Stuff happens. But step one of staying in the game is showing up and putting a team on the field each time. Consistency…showing up when it’s time to play day after day…is huge for your email marketing efforts. The fact that you keep showing up can help set you apart from your competitors.

You won’t win them all: I know this sounds discouraging, but it’s meant to be encouraging. Not every email you send will be a “winner.” Knowing that going in can help you avoid the perfectionist mindset. Show up. Play the game. Obviously you want to win everyday, but relieve yourself of feeling like you MUST win every day. You don’t, because…

There’s another game tomorrow: During the season baseball teams are always on the move. They play nearly every day of the week. And part of what can ease the sting of losing is knowing they’ll be back on the field very soon to try again. Your email today didn’t “pull” the way you hoped it would? Great news! You’ll get to send another email and try again soon.

Experiment: During the season managers test different lineups and strategies. They tinker and test to see if they can find something that works to give them an edge. When you use email marketing consistently (not randomly showing up every once in awhile, and mailing more frequently than once a week) you can put on your manager cap and do your own testing.

I wonder if part of why “America’s favorite pastime” is baseball is because there are so many life lessons the game teaches. Whether it is or not, they can certainly help you in email.

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To better email,

John Allan

P.S.: Another lesson I learned from baseball is some games go into extra innings. And some emails can benefit from a well-written P.S. to reinforce something, or add an enticing detail.