Hi, I'm John Allan.
I help the preachers who do more than preach.

One thing I’ve learned in 12 years of full-time ministry is many preachers in churches of Christ are like me. They preach, but they also have a side hustle they develop in their spare time.

Yet, despite the abundance of “side hustle preachers,” there’s a glaring absence of resources tailored to them. That’s where I come in.

A copywriter since 2014, I’m equipping these men with the marketing skills and encouragement they need for both their ministry and their business. This blog is part of how I do it.

What I’m sharing here is especially meant for:

  • Full-time preachers with a “side hustle.”
  • Part-time preachers with a side hustle or secular job.
  • Christian business owners who preach or teach, regardless how frequently.

If that’s not you, you’re certainly still welcome. Just don’t get alarmed or angry if you can’t relate to every last thing we talk about.

When you’re ready, you can go to my personal blog.

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John Allan (The Side Hustle Preacher)